10 Facts About Key Limes

By Samantha Silver

green-304700_1280 (1)       Key Lime Interactive LLC was born in 2009 when CEO Ania Rodriguez decided to spearhead her very own UX company. Our now CFO Alex helped Ania to narrow it down to two names, Blue List and Key Lime. As we all know, Ania ultimately decided to name her company Key Lime Interactive. “Key Lime I liked better because it sounded more refreshing, and it reminded me of my home base in Florida. I felt like with the name Key Lime I could really visualize how everything was going to look- new, cool, like I said, refreshing. And then Blue List didn't sound as good in comparison”, she laughed. And just like that, Key Lime Interactive LLC took off.

       For this week’s list of 10, we decided to explore the refreshing fruit that inspired Ania to choose this name for the company. 
  1. They are different than regular limes!
    Key Limes are not just miniature versions of regular limes (which are called Persian limes). Key limes contain higher acidity, are seedier than regular limes, and container a stronger aroma, a thinner rind, and different flavor compared to regular limes.

  2. Henry Perrine is credited with introducing the Key Lime to the Florida Keys, which is how they got their name.
    Henry Perrine was a Mexican horticulturist who took up residence in the Florida Keys in 1838, where he started a tropical plant nursery. Perrine felt the Florida Keys was one of the few places that could adequately sustain tropical plant life.

  3. However, most Key limes today do not come from the Florida Keys.
    The majority of commercial Key limes from Mexico and Central America.

  4. Key limes go by several different names.
    Some of the other names for key limes are Mexican lime, West Indian lime, Omani lime or Bartender's lime!

  5. Key Limes actually turn yellow when ripe!
    People usually associate Key limes with being green, since that is the color they are when they are picked. However, Key limes actually turn yellow when they are ripe!

  6. Key Limes are an excellent source of vitamin C.
    As are all citrus fruits! One Key Lime fruit contains 14% of the daily vitamin C requirement!

  7. Key limes are most known for their use in Key lime pies.
    Key lime pies are made from Key lime juice, condensed milk, and egg yolks. Key lime pie filling is also yellow since that is the color of the juice!

  8. Key lime pies are the official state pie of Florida.
    And have been since July 1st, 2006!

  9. National Key Lime Pie Day is September 26th!
    Be sure to mark your calendars now!

  10. There is a Key Lime Pie Festival every summer in the Florida Keys!
    Festival activities include a Key Lime scavenger hunt and Key Lime rum tasting for adults. And of course, it has a Key Lime Pie eating contest!

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