10 Hobbies of Key Limers

By Samantha Silver

book-791652_1280      Hobbies are defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as "pursuits outside of ones regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation"(Source). Hobbies are things that help us destress, bring us joy and entertainment, and help promote overall quality of life. It is important, but not always easy, to make time for hobbies. Aside from being amazing UX rockstars, Key Limers also have a wide variety of hobbies.

     For this week's list of 10, we explored some of the hobbies of Key Limers, some of which may surprise you!

  1. Sports
    We run, we rugby, we mountain bike, we ski, we rock climb, we hike, we yoga, we basketball, we weight-lift, we trail run.
  2. Playing piano
  3. Collecting playing cards
  4. Bowling
  5. Competitive video games/games
    Some Key Limers take Fantasy Football to the extreme!
  6. Collecting shot glasses of places visited
  7. Karaoke
    At least 75% of our team seems to LOVE karaoke. The other 25% are afraid...Very afraid.
  8. Boardgames
  9. Pets
    Key Limers love their pets and taking care of them. Aside from the majority of team members having pets of their own, the Miami Office has a pet fish, who's name varies from "Wade" to "Pastelito".
  10. Reading

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