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A Brief Look at eXtended Reality Interaction Methods

March, 04 2021 | VR, Emerging Trends, XR

Recent advancements in the field of eXtended Reality (XR) have given rise to a new era of interaction devices and techniques. Exploration and experimentation with eXtended Reality interaction methods has yielded some very interesting ways to interact in immersive environments with the goal of making the user experience (UX) more immersive. Some examples include tracking gaze with eye tracking technology, using neural interfaces to track gestures, camera based hand tracking, and obviously, handheld controllers.

Although eye tracking and neural interfaces might require the least amount of physical effort and seem like the ideal choice, they are both limited in their abilities and often require a good bit of training before you can master them. Hand tracking using cameras and controllers, on the other hand, are far more natural and intuitive as they are similar to using our hands or handheld tools to do things in the real world. For example, grasping a cup of coffee or using a spatula to scramble eggs. In short, hand tracking and controllers allow us to interact with the virtual environment in a way that is more familiar to us. In this article we are going to look at some of the most common devices and methods to facilitate 3D interaction in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) utilizing cameras and handheld controllers.

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Virtual Reality as a Vehicle for Change

November, 20 2020 | Emerging Trends, XR

Seeing and reading the news these days has become pretty overwhelming. One of the biggest reasons for the unrest is the push for a more inclusive society with no place for racism, sexism, and violence. This push is long overdue and calls for us to be more humane in general for the well being of the whole world and to move towards a better and sustainable future. 

Education, awareness and empathy are probably the most important factors that drive change, but individuals are harder to convince otherwise once they’ve formed their own opinions. Thankfully, we live in an age where individuals can be educated, made aware of, and put in someone else’s shoes all while wow-ing them with the help of Virtual Reality (VR).

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Leveraging eXtended Reality for Virtual Learning

September, 16 2020 | Emerging Trends, XR

As we all learn to navigate the new normal in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, one area that has seen repeated debates in the last few weeks is education. Should schools hold in-person learning? What is the safest way to move forward? Can virtual learning be effective? There are probably as many solutions to this hurdle as there are schools, with some families even calling distracting kids with iPads education. There does not seem to be a right way to go about reopening schools or if they should be open at all now that the fall has rolled around. Rather than add to that debate, we will discuss eXtended Reality for virtual learning as an alternative to in-person learning.

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IEEE VR in Virtual Reality: Lessons Learned

      The IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (IEEE VR) is the world’s most prestigious academic conference on the broad topic of Virtual Reality (VR). Every year, the conference sees hundreds of attendees and presenters from all over the world both from academia and the industry. However, this year, due to the unprecedented spread of COVID-19, the conference organizers had a mere 3 weeks to make a decision to cancel the conference or turn it into a true VR conference.

     A decision was made to move it to an online only format with the capability of attending the conference in VR. From celebrations to presentations with light sabers to chit chat around a virtual campfire, it was a milestone for the VR industry. Yes, there were glitches and problems that came up, but first - I would like to acknowledge and congratulate the organizing committee for the amazing job they did putting it together in such a short time!

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Getting Started with Training in VR

February, 10 2020 | VR, Emerging Trends

     In this frenzy of Virtual Reality (VR) adoption, it’s hard not to gravitate towards the hubbub and explore the possibilities for yourself. Let’s say, after some digging and trying out some clever immersive experiences at conferences and meetups, you finally give in and want to explore the possibility of using VR to train your employees or team members. But, where do you start? What do you need to get started? Can you actually use VR for your use case? How do you build it? Some of these questions can be overwhelming and might lead you down a rabbit hole on the internet. So, let's try to break it down here.

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