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Unmoderated Online vs. Moderated Onsite Studies

 When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. But is that hammer the right tool for the job?

      Several third-party remote usability testing suites specialize in hosting unmoderated studies, and all promise powerful insights delivered at a low-cost. The companies can quickly recruit users, then run them through usability scenarios, establish benchmarks, conduct large-scale user research and more. But just because you have such a tool at your disposal, does that mean it’s the right tool for your project? When would you want to opt for an unmoderated online test instead of moderated sessions?

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Task Analysis: What It Is And Why It Matters

December, 03 2015 | Research Methods, UX Strategy

There are many simple activities that turn out to be not so simple when we take a closer look. A classic example is the American grade-school exercise of writing out the instructions for making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It’s easy to leave out crucial steps or make assumptions that don’t end up on paper. Did you remember to gather everything you need? Did you mention using a knife to spread the peanut butter? Did you use the same knife or a different one for the jelly?

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How to Plan a Better Usability Study

September, 03 2015 | Research Methods, UX Strategy

Ask any UX designer or Human Factors researcher about their most memorable moments planning or running usability tests, and you’ll hear some real eye-openers. From challenging client relations, to logistical nightmares, to balky participants, planning and executing a successful usability study requires attention to detail, a deft personal touch, and a fair bit of improvisation in the face of the unexpected.

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