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The Four Pillars of Object Oriented Programming

      In this article, I will try to explain the main principles of Object-Oriented-Programming. Object-Oriented-Programing allows programmers to think of software development as if they’re working with real-life entities. In your everyday life, people have the knowledge and can-do various works/tasks. In OOP, objects have fields to store knowledge/state/data and can-do various methods.

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The Fundamental Differences between GraphQL and REST APIs

December, 13 2019 |

      If you’re thinking about how you should design your next web API, look no further! We will cover the fundamental differences between GraphQL and REST in the following article. Before diving into each architectural style I would like to give a quick synopsis of both methodologies. REST stands for Representational state transfer which basically breaks down to a style of web architecture that has many underlying characteristics and manages the behavior of clients and servers. A REST API defines a set of functions in which software developers can perform requests and receive responses via HTTP protocol such as a (GET/POST/UPDATE/DELETE). Lastly, an API can be considered RESTful if it has the following characteristics: Client-server, Stateless, and Cacheable. 

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