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How UX Research Plays in an Innovation Strategy World

February, 05 2020 | UX Strategy

     As the world continues to move faster and technology evolves quicker, consultancies and corporations are increasingly concentrating on their innovation strategies. As user researchers, designers, and leaders, we have a unique set of skills and methodologies that integrate well and provide a strong value add to strategy development. Researchers are well equipped to determine objectives, understand customers and competitors, define value propositions, assess capabilities, and establish systems and processes. In the earliest stages, while businesses are assessing their innovation strategy, there is a role for UX researchers to influence and assist in making proper strategic decisions.

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Should Designers and Researchers Sign Their Own Hippocratic Oath?

November, 27 2019 | Research Methods, UX Strategy, Industries

     In this era, designers and researchers with all types of backgrounds are becoming strategic leaders and specialists in creating new products, businesses, and services. While these leaders from all walks are coming into positions of power in which we have breathtaking technological capabilities, should we not feel an obligation to do no harm? Healers agree to a Hippocratic oath- upholding them to maintain ethical standards in the work they do. Detrimental and questionable products and features have been created when power and feasibility can turn honest intentions into design decisions that alienate and do harm to the very people that the product was created to protect.

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