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Using Statistics to Enhance a UX Research Presentation

When working on a UX Research (UXR) presentation, adding in some simple statistics can benefit a researcher’s effort in presenting his or her findings. A relevant piece of data can visualize the findings from the data collection phase, enhance the presentation experience, and make the presentation more visually memorable.

Whether a piece of data is presented as numbers in a table or a complex, animated visualization, it should assist the researcher in telling a story for a study. Below are some general principles to help decide the relevance and function of a piece of “data” within a presentation.

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Research Study Series: Beginning a UX Research Project

March, 18 2020 |

  At Key Lime Interactive, our user experience (UX) researchers have the opportunity to encounter a variety of studies, subject matter, and clients. However, Key Lime also provides researchers the opportunity to grow their research skill set as they see fit. One such opportunity is for KLI researchers to develop and conduct an internal study for conference presentations or journal submissions. This article is the first in a series and will detail the beginning of a UX Research Project. 

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UX Measures and Methods to Evaluate Video Game Interfaces

June, 10 2019 |

     In the Fall of 2018, Eugene Santiago and Shao-Yu Chen conducted a small study to understand the strengths and weaknesses of PUBG Mobile’s post-game statistics screen. While informative, the study was largely qualitative, consisting of multiple in-depth user interviews. However, UX evaluations often go beyond qualitative interviews and user-submitted feedback. This article is an effort in compiling and discussing a (in no way exhaustive) list of existing measures, standards, heuristics, and models, both objective and subjective, that may prove useful in evaluating video game interfaces and processes.

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UX Research in a Fast-Paced Development Cycle

March, 29 2019 | App Development, UX Strategy

      With the prevalence of Agile, Scrum, and Lean, software development cycles have been shortened dramatically, compared to the Waterfall development cycle. As a result, user research has to fit into the same cadence, from study design, data collection, to presentation. While traditional research, especially in an academic setting, would typically take months from start to finish, user researchers in the industry have found ways to make research more efficient and tactical, while remaining effective and informative.

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Mobile Games Post-Match Statistics & UX

       In September, Key Lime Interactive presented a user testing study (N=12) on the post-match statistics screen of PUBG mobile at the Games UX Summit in Vancouver, hosted by EA. During our presentation, we provided design considerations and opportunities for improvement for the post-match screen, drawing best practices from other games from mobile and PC platforms. For example, comparing to PUBG mobile, Warships Blitz (iOS, Android) provides a more detailed and accessible post-match screen, organized so that it serves players of different types.

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