Drive Innovation with the Latest Insights into Auto Insurance UX

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Our competitive insights report offers the latest look at auto insurance user experience (UX) scores to give you an at-a-glance look at what’s getting the eight largest providers to the finish line first.

Our latest report details which trends are shaping the industry based on real feedback from over 500 consumers, all in one easy-to-use, interactive platform. We’re sharing competitive data comparing the industry’s top performers and the features insurance customers value most. This platform also exposes new innovations shaping the future of mobile access.

Insider Details to Inspire Meaningful Change

Stay competitive within the auto insurance UX landscape.

Our report demystifies mobile UX from the industry’s top eight auto insurance providers, including:

  • Geico
  • State Farm
  • Allstate
  • Nationwide

Get the inside scoop on your biggest competition.

See how each provider compares when it comes to specific UX features and functionalities:

  • Ratings based on 20+ mobile capabilities
  • Actionable insights on which features can have the most impact
  • Performance rankings separated by category, app, and mobile site usage

Discover which features are delighting and attracting consumers.

Learn what today’s customers really want from their provider and see how industry leaders stack up:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Customer support
  • Locating agents
  • Filing mobile claims
  • Accident details
  • Changes in coverage
  • Finding amenities
  • And more


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Our Auto Insurance Competitive Insights Platform: What’s Inside

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Brand Ratings

Here’s a sneak peek at which names in auto insurance are the industry’s top performers:






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Industry-Shaping Insights As You’ve Never Seen Before

Gain complete access to game-changing research and unbiased auto insurance competitive insights research. Each report helps you discover which industry leaders are excelling in different areas. Unlock the benefits of data-backed insights into what today’s auto insurance customers actually want from providers when it comes to mobile access:

  • Get industry updates on trends and innovations every six months to inform your UX strategies.
  • Discover what mobile features real consumers value most to tap into what your customers really want.
  • Access historical reports and track trends over time to understand changing consumer demands.
  • See screenshots from mobile interfaces from the top-performing names in the industry, get raw statistics, and understand it all with clear, detailed graphs that help you take action.
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