Key Lime Interactive's Masterclass Sessions:

Catch up on KLI's Emerging Technologies Master class series where you'll learn from UX research experts how to use various techniques to not only woo new customers,s but keep customers coming back for more with a lasting XR and Voice brand experience.

Each lesson has Q&A with Key Lime Interactive's panelists and speakers along with a corresponding worksheet to help you gain ideas on how to boost your product strategy.

More lessons to come in the future, stay tuned!



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EmTech Lesson 1 Recap


Nailing Self-representation and Scale in VR from the Get-go:

  • Learn how self-representation affects user perception and create affordances for interactions
  • Identify visual cues that impact the sense of scale and refine how users interpret the environment
  • Determine the type of usability/effectiveness testing
Mobile AR Masterclass-1

LESSON #2 - July 15, 2020

Get Your Brand Ready for Mobile Augmented Reality Primetime!

  • How is AR going to help your brand and your bottom line?
  • What does it take to design a great mobile AR experience?
  • How long is it going to take to build?
  • What’s the “right” AR campaign for our company?


Voice Tech Talk Masterclass-1

LESSON #3 - Sept. 24, 2020

Voice Tech Talk: How to Make People Fall in Love with Your Voice Tech

Watch this Masterclass recap to learn:

  • Why voice tech matters and the benefits of it
  • How voice technology can help your business
  • Tips for a seamless UX (user experience)