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Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 11.28.36 AM       If one performs a job search on a job board, one job might require Python and another might say Javascript. What do the experts think are important? Github and Stack Overflow list Javascript as the top trending programming language (“Major Programming Trends to Prepare for in 2019”  2019). Although Github and StackOverflow list Javascript as number one, it does not specify with Javascript package such as Vanilla, Angular, or React. This is why knowing and keeping up to date with programming trends are important for employers and employees alike. 

       The Bureau of Labor and Statistics states that in 2017 the median pay for software developers was a little over $100K and the growth rate expected was 24 percent. (U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics 2018) Along with knowing salary and growth, the programming trends can also be valuable for various reasons. For example, self-learners may want to tailor their experiences to the needs and desires of prospective employers. A college student may wish to select classes itself- learners that will make the resume stand out. Also, a skilled professional could be interested in preparing for the next level or next job.

       So what exactly are the emerging programming trends in 2019? What is the most desired programming knowledge by employers? In a study conducted on 30 top tech companies, career and job pages were accessed to look for the programming requirements for a job in order to determine what is currently the top programming choice for employers in 2019. The results showed that the top programming language of choice was Javascript. The second most popular language was Python, and the third was C#. Surprisingly, none of the companies observed listed visual basic as a preferred language for the experience.  

       During the observation, it is important to remember that some factors inevitably affected the study. The study was not limited to one experience level. Entry level experience and senior level experience can be different. Also, some companies listed unfamiliar programming languages. This can cause missed data due to the unfamiliarity of the language. Furthermore, some companies listed a few technologies and then said “or any object-oriented programming language” This was ignored because either the study has to list all programming language or ignore it. Another factor is that some companies use programming language built in house or just for them, thus creating outliers in the study. Additionally, adding front end development into the study may give a different outlook. Another improvement is noting that only one job was observed per company. The study can be improved by increasing the number of jobs observed.

      This research study helps to indicate the importance of staying up to date on programming trends, both for employers and employees. Many believe that only tech companies should concern themselves by staying up to date on these types of trends. However, not every tech job will come from a tech employer; thus making it even more important to stay up to date on the various programming trends.

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