Please beware.  

We've received news that an unknown individual is making an attempt to engage consumers in a "Mystery Shopping" research study of a local Apple or Best Buy store.

Prospective participants are receiving a letter they are using contains the Key Lime Interactive ten year logo and details about how to meet a "verified agent" live at a store to receive a store gift card. 

1) Consumers are receiving traditional mail with a letter from Key Lime Interactive and checks for     them to deposit at various stages. Please do not do this. 

2) They are asked to go to Apple or Best Buy to buy gift cards with funds from the checks. 

3) Once the gift cards are purchased they are asked to send a text to 305-853-8782 to receive additional instruction. They also say that all purchased merchandise will be picked up by our "verified agent" at the Apple/Best Buy store after the gift cards are purchased.

Please see a copy of the letter below. NONE of this is associated with Key Lime Interactive.  

Key Lime Interactive is in touch with FBI, FTC and the Attorney General to resolve this immediately. 

If you are a target of a scam you should immediately report it:

1) to your local police department

2) Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at and 

3) United States Postal Services at 

4) Send us an email to once you've done #1-3.  

Thank You. 

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