3rd Party Automotive Mobile Apps: 3 competitors, 3 dimensions

Here at Key Lime Interactive we spend a lot of time thinking about cars. Well, not just cars specifically, but the industries that surround cars. Twice a year we study the top auto insurance mobile apps and sites for our Mobile Auto Insurance Competitive Index Report. We follow the trends in the industry, see the development of services, and we how changes in automobile features and function ripple out through the insurance industry. Because we aren’t tied to a particular company, this puts us in a unique position to be objective about the various offerings.

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Is 5 Users for Early Usability Research Enough? It’s About Iterative Design!

December, 16 2015 | Design, How-To

Before we dive into a discussion regarding the population size needed for usability research, we need to make one thing clear - lot’s of people have written about this exact question. Nielsen, Lewis, Sauro, Krug, the list goes on. As I was doing research for my first mobile design project out of college, I was struck by the variation amongst these usability thought leaders. However, the more I read, the more I sided with Jacob Nielsen and the concept of iterative testing.

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Considerations When Designing mCommerce Experiences for Millennials

mCommerce is shifting in a direction to cater towards those that are digital native (Millennials), not digital immigrant (the rest of us). Personalization and customization is a requirement for Millennials, yet many Fortune 1000 companies are challenged with barriers on infrastructure and data governance that don't allow for CX/UX professionals to provide an engaging experience for Millennials. This generation is demanding an omni-channel experience at a higher velocity, and as a result, many companies are being challenged with shifting priorities.

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Healthcare: 5 UI Components That Boost Process Efficiency - Part 1

October, 19 2015 | Healthcare, How-To, Industries, User Interface

The web interface components in this article are not new, but the implication they can have on a product, organization, or service is very real. This article is meant to discuss five really simple components that make a big impact on process efficiency. The goals and suggested best practices of each component are communicated below.

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On A Scale Of 1 to 7, How Ready Are You To Start A Career In UX?

October, 15 2015 | How-To

7 Steps To Start A New Career In UX

As someone new to the UX scene, I find that there are always new things to learn, and many days I leave work feeling like my brain is full. There is nothing more impressive than feeling responsible for driving exceptional user experiences. Browsing a website and seeing the insights you helped provide, or purchasing a device that has an interface you helped define. Through my time at Key Lime Interactive, these are some techniques I found helpful to start a new career in UX.

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What To Expect In A UX Career Interview

October, 15 2015 | How-To

Since joining Key Lime Interactive, I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of exceptional professionals in the field; Many of them were through interviews and professional development activities. One thing that really stood out for me was how differently a UX role interview is from the “typical” office job interview. I’ve put together a list of my findings to help someone new in UX prepare for their future roles.

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Portfolio 101: How to Create a Great UX Portfolio to Get You Hired

October, 01 2015 | How-To

When starting a new career in UX, having a great portfolio is the best way to really set you apart from your peers. Once you have had a chance to start putting together work experience, here are some key tips to develop a portfolio:

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Survey Design Sins to Avoid

September, 01 2015 | Design, How-To, Quantitative Research

Are you a User Experience professional who uses online survey tools to deliver insights? If so, you’re in luck! For the last four years, I’ve been working extensively with various online survey tools to deliver everything from simple one-off consumer surveys, to large scale multinational Competitive Benchmarking tests. Throughout that time, I’ve had endless opportunities to experiment with different design methods and survey tools - and to make mistakes, and learn from them - so that you don’t have to. In this article, I would like to share with you some of the potential pitfalls to designing and programming these studies that you can avoid in your next survey. Proper survey design can save you countless hours of frustration when it comes time to analyze the data and deliver your report.

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Getting Started With Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping is the visual or graphical interpretation of a customer's story. Journey maps diagram a customer's point of view, reasons, and emotions behind the interactions they have with an organization. Journey maps provide companies with a holistic understanding of their customer's experiences over time and across different channels.

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5 Key Elements for Successfully Managing an International Customer Research Project

With any scenario there will be unforeseen changes that will impact a project. A key to success in project management lies in planning and mitigation of risks. These are 5 key elements for successfully managing an international customer research project:

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