INFOGRAPHIC: ROI of User Research

September, 01 2016 | UX, Infographic

In Feburary 2016, Key Lime Interactive's VP of User Research, Eugenio Santiago, wrote an article on the return-of-investment for user research. The results prove that user experience (UX) does indeed bring value to companies.

You can read the full article here, or catch up with the infographic below.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Best Practices for Competitive Benchmarking

Are you interested in performing Competitive Benchmarking research for yourself or a client, but don’t know where to start?

In July 2016, Key Lime Interactive broadcasted a live webinar on Best Practices for Competitive Benchmarking. You can watch a full recording of the webinar here, or get a recap with our infographic.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Best Mobile UX Experiences in Auto Insurance

June, 23 2016 | Mobile, UX, Insurance, Infographic, Automotive

In September 2015, Key Lime Interactive concluded a biannual competitive review of the competitive landscape in the auto insurance industry while highlighting the importance of how the specific companies are meeting the needs and expectations of their target users.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Tips to Recruit Participants for Usability Testing

In December 2015, Key Lime Interactive wrote an article on Tips to Recruit Participants for Usability Testing. Get a recap of our tips & tricks when recruiting for your next usability study.

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INFOGRAPHIC: 7 Universal Expressions of Emotion

Humans have forty-three different muscles that are capable of making as many as 10,000 unique facial expressions. Here are the 7 universal expressions of emotion, along with some physical traits that characterize each.

Make sure to register for our webinar on The Role of Facial Expressions in User Research.

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INFOGRAPHIC: The Role of Body Language in User Research

In February 2016, Key Lime Interactive wrote an article on The Role of Body Language in User Research. These are the highlights of our findings.

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INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Facts About the Mobile Banking Industry

Since 2010, Key Lime Interactive has conducted bi-annual 500-person surveys of smartphone owners, asking them to weigh in and identify the features and capabilities that they consider critical for a successful mobile banking experience. Highlights from our most recent June 2015 consumer survey and expert competitive review of 9 top U.S. retail banks are below.

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Homeowner's and Renter's Insurance App Usage Infographic

In September 2015, Key Lime Interactive performed a survey of 500 people with homeowner's or renter's insurance. This is a highlight of our findings.

For more information on our Homeowner's and Renter's Insurance Mobile Competitive Index Report, get a full review here.

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Auto Insurance Web Usability Study

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A Look Back at 2012

January, 14 2013 | Infographic, Limelight
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