What is Your Excuse for Not Testing Your User Experience?

“I don’t have the time.” “I don’t have the budget.” Stop me if you’ve heard any of these —or used them yourself— as reasons not to consider user testing.   

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ROI of User Research

February, 05 2016 | Strategy, ROI of UX, UX


Everyone knows the value that user research can bring to product development, right? Whether you own a wine shop or work for a company with a large digital presence, it is simply smart business to understand the needs, desires, and objectives of your customers and prospects. Once you understand what makes them buy, and what satisfies them, you can incorporate this into a sound strategy to deliver the best value proposition. Ensuring that the experience you create meets, and better yet exceeds, your customers’ expectations is the holy grail. 

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8 Tips: Improve Design & Increase Mobile Commerce Conversion

Real users reveal trends. KLI takes note.

As top retailers strive to increase their mobile presence KLI continues to launch studies
of all shapes and sizes to explore mobile trends. In the process our researchers are
gaining intimate knowledge about the general expectations of today's consumer and
the love/hate relationship they're developing with their favorite retailers.

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10 Reasons Why to Conduct Remote Automated Usability Testing

10) Large sample size will give client statistical validity to decisions about what features/interactions with the site require attention.

9) Unlimited geographic reach allows you to get information from users' regardless of their location.

8) Users do these tasks at home in their own natural environment.

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