A Letter from Our CEO, Ania Rodriguez

February, 10 2016 | Awards, Strategy, Innovative Thinking, UX

Last month (January 20, to be exact) marked seven years since Key Lime Interactive was founded. As we look back on what we've achieved over the years, I sometimes need to pinch myself, as in 2015, Inc. recognized us for having the highest growth among our peers in UX from 2011 to 2014.

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ROI of User Research

February, 05 2016 | Strategy, ROI of UX, UX


Everyone knows the value that user research can bring to product development, right? Whether you own a wine shop or work for a company with a large digital presence, it is simply smart business to understand the needs, desires, and objectives of your customers and prospects. Once you understand what makes them buy, and what satisfies them, you can incorporate this into a sound strategy to deliver the best value proposition. Ensuring that the experience you create meets, and better yet exceeds, your customers’ expectations is the holy grail. 

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What do You do After You've Built Behavioral Personas

January, 29 2016 | Strategy, Behavioral Personas, UX Maturity, UX

Nature vs. Nurture when creating Actionable Personas

The web is seemingly flooded with companies describing their secret sauce for creating behavioral personas and how they can build them better than others. But, honestly, building personas is not even the hardest part. After working on multiple international & domestic persona projects for Fortune 1000 clients, it’s evident that the real journey begins when our clients inevitably ask the question, “Ok, we’ve got these personas, now what?”

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Selling Usability Services From the Inside


You’re a usability professional - you’ve studied this formally and you continue to read the entire publication list of Rosenfeld Media as light reading before bed each night. You go about your day identifying ways to simplify life, but not just for yourself. You think about every persona that you suspect may drive a similar vehicle, may also be choosing movies on Netflix, or may use the same mobile payment option. You understand all of the inside jokes on Twitter and keywords that circulate the UX Community, and you are chock-full of ideas on how to apply all of the various trends in testing to your products.  

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Task Analysis: What It Is And Why It Matters

December, 03 2015 | Usability Testing, Strategy, UX, Tips & Tricks

There are many simple activities that turn out to be not so simple when we take a closer look. A classic example is the American grade-school exercise of writing out the instructions for making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It’s easy to leave out crucial steps or make assumptions that don’t end up on paper. Did you remember to gather everything you need? Did you mention using a knife to spread the peanut butter? Did you use the same knife or a different one for the jelly?

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Tips to Recruit Participants for Usability Testing

Let’s say you’re a small business owner – you have a store that sells new and used golf equipment (clubs, bags, balls, etc.) and you also offer private lessons, as you are a former professional golfer. You decide that you want to increase business by redesigning your company website. Ideally, this site redesign will provide users with a better overall experience and will help facilitate conversion rates, making it easier for users to browse and make purchases on your site.

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Participatory Design: Part 2 - Recruiting is Key

This is the second in a series of blog articles around Participatory Design. In the first article , I introduced the concept of Participatory Design (PD) and the Human-Centered Design (HCD) processes PD encompasses. In this article, we discuss the first step in a solid PD workflow: Recruiting.

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Software As A Service (SaaS) Platforms For Companies That Have A Great User Experience

October, 20 2015 | Strategy, App Development, UX

Software as a Service, or SaaS, platforms are becoming our staple in our lives. Increasingly, people are relying on these tools to drive both their personal and professional lives. The trend towards great user experiences has really launched to the corporate world and how to improve the efficiency of their employees. Here are some of the apps that really stand out from the crowd.

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How to Plan a Better Usability Study

September, 03 2015 | Usability Testing, Strategy, UX, Human Factors

Ask any UX designer or Human Factors researcher about their most memorable moments planning or running usability tests, and you’ll hear some real eye-openers. From challenging client relations, to logistical nightmares, to balky participants, planning and executing a successful usability study requires attention to detail, a deft personal touch, and a fair bit of improvisation in the face of the unexpected.

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Getting Started With Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping is the visual or graphical interpretation of a customer's story. Journey maps diagram a customer's point of view, reasons, and emotions behind the interactions they have with an organization. Journey maps provide companies with a holistic understanding of their customer's experiences over time and across different channels.

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