INFOGRAPHIC: Tips to Recruit Participants for Usability Testing

In December 2015, Key Lime Interactive wrote an article on Tips to Recruit Participants for Usability Testing. Get a recap of our tips & tricks when recruiting for your next usability study.

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Participatory Design: Part 3 - Get Participants Involved!

This is the third in a series of blog articles around Participatory Design. In the first article, I introduced the concept of Participatory Design (PD) and Human-Centered Design (HCD) processes PD encompasses. In the second article, we discussed the first step in a solid PD workflow: Recruiting. In this installment, we discuss the components of a PD session and how to uncover findings and get participants involved!

Participatory Design: Part 3 - Get Participants Involved

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Top 5 UX Blog Articles From 2015

January, 12 2016 | UX, Limelight, Tips & Tricks



Last year was a great year for Key Lime Interactive. Not only did we grow our team and clientele, we also hit the ground running with our blog. We got a new design and filled it with a vast amount of topical articles. You can find lots of UX tips & tricks, but we also wanted to focus on the fun stuff, too. The usability of athletic footwear, anyone?

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Is 5 Users for Early Usability Research Enough? It’s About Iterative Design!

December, 16 2015 | Usability Testing, UX, Design, Tips & Tricks

Before we dive into a discussion regarding the population size needed for usability research, we need to make one thing clear - lot’s of people have written about this exact question. Nielsen, Lewis, Sauro, Krug, the list goes on. As I was doing research for my first mobile design project out of college, I was struck by the variation amongst these usability thought leaders. However, the more I read, the more I sided with Jacob Nielsen and the concept of iterative testing.

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Selling Usability Services From the Inside


You’re a usability professional - you’ve studied this formally and you continue to read the entire publication list of Rosenfeld Media as light reading before bed each night. You go about your day identifying ways to simplify life, but not just for yourself. You think about every persona that you suspect may drive a similar vehicle, may also be choosing movies on Netflix, or may use the same mobile payment option. You understand all of the inside jokes on Twitter and keywords that circulate the UX Community, and you are chock-full of ideas on how to apply all of the various trends in testing to your products.  

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Task Analysis: What It Is And Why It Matters

December, 03 2015 | Usability Testing, Strategy, UX, Tips & Tricks

There are many simple activities that turn out to be not so simple when we take a closer look. A classic example is the American grade-school exercise of writing out the instructions for making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It’s easy to leave out crucial steps or make assumptions that don’t end up on paper. Did you remember to gather everything you need? Did you mention using a knife to spread the peanut butter? Did you use the same knife or a different one for the jelly?

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Tips to Recruit Participants for Usability Testing

Let’s say you’re a small business owner – you have a store that sells new and used golf equipment (clubs, bags, balls, etc.) and you also offer private lessons, as you are a former professional golfer. You decide that you want to increase business by redesigning your company website. Ideally, this site redesign will provide users with a better overall experience and will help facilitate conversion rates, making it easier for users to browse and make purchases on your site.

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Considerations When Designing mCommerce Experiences for Millennials

mCommerce is shifting in a direction to cater towards those that are digital native (Millennials), not digital immigrant (the rest of us). Personalization and customization is a requirement for Millennials, yet many Fortune 1000 companies are challenged with barriers on infrastructure and data governance that don't allow for CX/UX professionals to provide an engaging experience for Millennials. This generation is demanding an omni-channel experience at a higher velocity, and as a result, many companies are being challenged with shifting priorities.

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Participatory Design: Part 2 - Recruiting is Key

This is the second in a series of blog articles around Participatory Design. In the first article , I introduced the concept of Participatory Design (PD) and the Human-Centered Design (HCD) processes PD encompasses. In this article, we discuss the first step in a solid PD workflow: Recruiting.

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Healthcare: 5 UI Components That Boost Process Efficiency - Part 1

October, 19 2015 | Healthcare, UX, UI, Tips & Tricks

The web interface components in this article are not new, but the implication they can have on a product, organization, or service is very real. This article is meant to discuss five really simple components that make a big impact on process efficiency. The goals and suggested best practices of each component are communicated below.

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