3 Tips to Get Leadership to Value UX Using Business Outcomes

A few years ago, we were working with a Fortune 500 company who staffed a few designers who thought they were Apple designers (they weren’t). The lead designer of the team designed a UI that had serious usability issues when we tested it.  Unfortunately, we’ve recognized that some UX designers resist learning from even the most constructive criticism bolstered by actual user research. We were not surprised when the first release of their mobile app received a 2 star rating.

As you might imagine, it truly was an uphill battle to move this client from level 0 on the KLI UX Maturity model (see below) where UX is unimportant to to level 4 where UX is fully integrated, but that was our goal.

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What do You do After You've Built Behavioral Personas

January, 29 2016 | Strategy, Behavioral Personas, UX Maturity, UX

Nature vs. Nurture when creating Actionable Personas

The web is seemingly flooded with companies describing their secret sauce for creating behavioral personas and how they can build them better than others. But, honestly, building personas is not even the hardest part. After working on multiple international & domestic persona projects for Fortune 1000 clients, it’s evident that the real journey begins when our clients inevitably ask the question, “Ok, we’ve got these personas, now what?”

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Selling Usability Services From the Inside


You’re a usability professional - you’ve studied this formally and you continue to read the entire publication list of Rosenfeld Media as light reading before bed each night. You go about your day identifying ways to simplify life, but not just for yourself. You think about every persona that you suspect may drive a similar vehicle, may also be choosing movies on Netflix, or may use the same mobile payment option. You understand all of the inside jokes on Twitter and keywords that circulate the UX Community, and you are chock-full of ideas on how to apply all of the various trends in testing to your products.  

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Recap: Lean UX Conference 2015

Let’s face it. We have become a “Google it” society. We can answer almost any question in .00012 seconds (according to Google’s search results page) and get a pretty accurate response. So, before attending the LeanUX15 conference in Brooklyn, NY, I wondered what would Google’s response be for UX’s impact on modern day Systems Development Life Cycles (SDLCs)? Was it even possible to wrap terms like DevOps, Kanban, Lean or Agile into a neat package with a UX bow on top?

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Do Alignment Diagrams Really Work?

September, 09 2014 | Strategy, UX Maturity, Journey Mapping, UX, IA, Design

Ever think about the interactions you have with a company? How each precise moment may seem tailored to your needs and catered towards the experience you are looking for? In the UX industry there is a technique used to ensure this end result and it's called alignment diagrams. I had the opportunity to read a very interesting article on the idea of alignment diagrams and how they serve a perpetual purpose among the growth of companies. Parsons Journal For Information Mapping (PJIM), written by James Kalbach & Pul Kahn, shared their discoveries on the business process and provided advice to take full advantage of each customer touch point.

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Wooden Martini Glasses

February, 02 2014 | News, UX Fellows, UX Maturity, Limelight

Last week a gift arrived at our doorstep. Wooden martini glasses. Impressed, excited (to drink a martini from a beautiful wooden glass!), and a tad confused we opened the envelope. It read: “Happy 5th Anniversary, Key Lime Interactive. May we someday have an opportunity to send you a gift of gold.”

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