UX Strategy planning

Most organizations that already have a mature UX research and design practice still struggle to plan their long-term user research strategies. Senior leaders within the organization often have doubts about whether they are effectively utilizing their limited research dollars in an effective way that is closely aligned with the business goals. They often struggle to unite all of their different stakeholders behind a clear vision for how user research should be integrated throughout the organization.

Key Lime Interactive’s most senior researchers will partner with your leadership and stakeholders to help create a refined user research plan for the many initiatives and business goals that your organization is currently struggling with. You will be paired directly with one of Key Lime’s principal researchers to work with you on providing advice and mentorship to evaluate your current research approach. We will advise on how to optimize your approach to make the use of your budget and most effectively address your business’ research goals. 

You will then work with one our principal researchers to plan out a highly interactive stakeholder workshop designed to produce a roadmap for all of your future research initiatives. Our five phase workshop breaks down into:

  • Aligning goals and understanding past research: Aligning your business priorities and past research initiatives to better understand what are some of the upcoming planned goals for each business unit, as well as making sure that everyone understands what research has been done and identify where there are opportunities or gaps to learn more.
  • UX Research Toolbox: Educate all attendees on both methods that have been used previously, as well as opportunities to use new methods to further increase your capabilities and support new business goals.
  • Research Integration: Discussing the possible approaches to incorporate UX research into the design process.
  • Align business initiatives with user research methods: Pair planned organizational initiatives with the right research methods.
  • UX Research Roadmap: Mapping out plans for integrating research into your organization’s timelines and key milestones during your design lifecycle. 
If you are a CMO, VP or Director of User Research and want assistance or a second opinion on your organization’s UX strategy, we would be happy to be your trusted partner. For more information on getting started with your strategic workshop, fill out this form and we will be in contact shortly.


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