Cheers to Key Lime Interactive’s 3rd Annual UX Mentor Day

By Key Lime Interactive
November 21, 2023

Key Lime’s UX Mentor Day is more than just a day on the calendar; it's a celebration of the impact mentorship can have on peers within our UX research community.  It’s a reminder of the responsibility we have to share our experiences and what we’ve learned over our nearly 15 year journey.


During this season of generosity, our “Key Limers” are helping 30+ mentees level up their user researcher careers. Our goal for Key Lime’s UX Mentor Day is to open the doors to networking, collaboration, and diverse perspectives within our Key Lime UX team. During a Key Lime workday, our 40+ researchers work with UX research teams in the largest global brands. We get excited to share our expertise, knowledge and most importantly our real-world “front-row” experiences working for the world’s best. 


What’s in it for us? We naturally are a collaborative bunch, so this gives us an opportunity to be helpful by assisting others in troubleshooting their challenges. It allows us to lean into what we’ve learned and experienced.  The goal for us is to chart a clearer path for those entering the UX industry and also those who are making strides but still need some guidance to find a fulfilling direction. 


I thank all of the Key Lime UX researchers who give their time and vast expertise and most importantly, thank you to the mentees participating in our UX Mentor Day program. We feel privileged to join your journey in our fascinating UX community. 


To learn more about how Key Lime helps enterprise UX teams scale their internal research and about future Key Lime UX Mentor Day sessions, visit  


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