5 Steps to Recruit & Onboard Participants for Remote Usability Studies

For many usability studies, recruitment can be a major challenge. It involves a series of activities, including identifying eligible participants, explaining the study, obtaining consent, and retaining the participants until the study is complete. There can also be additional challenges when a study is being conducted remotely.

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Unmoderated Online vs. Moderated Onsite Studies

 When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. But is that hammer the right tool for the job?

Several third-party remote usability testing suites specialize in hosting unmoderated studies, and all promise powerful insights delivered at a low-cost. The companies can quickly recruit users, then run them through usability scenarios, establish benchmarks, conduct large-scale user research and more. But just because you have such a tool at your disposal, does that mean it’s the right tool for your project? When would you want to opt for an unmoderated online test instead of moderated sessions?

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IA Issues? What do you do When Online Card Sorting is Not Enough?

Understanding how your users think about the organization of content.

If your users can’t find the information that they are seeking, it might as well not be there at all. An intuitive information architecture (IA) is a core part of a user’s experience, but how do you know what would make sense to them? 

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Disney Cruise Lines Ranks #1 for Family Cruising

Earlier today, we presented the high-level results for the cruise industry benchmarking study that ran in late March on 4 sites: Disney Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Lines and Carnival Cruises.

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10 Reasons Why to Conduct Remote Automated Usability Testing

10) Large sample size will give client statistical validity to decisions about what features/interactions with the site require attention.

9) Unlimited geographic reach allows you to get information from users' regardless of their location.

8) Users do these tasks at home in their own natural environment.

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Review of Ethnio

I had a nice call today with the folks at Ethnio. I discovered their "live recruiting" methodology for remote moderated tests and I'm very impressed. The idea of getting real users as they come onto to the site, intercepting, calling them and actually watching them REAL TIME is out of this world. Usually, when I run remote moderated tests I have to schedule users to do directed tasks. I'm looking forward to working the folks at Ethnio and reap the benefits of adding their software to my suite of tools.

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