Top 5 UX FAQs

February, 12 2021 | User Experience

While User Experience (UX) has been widely accepted and used by user/customer experience and marketing professionals, there are still many questions surrounding best practices and use-cases. For this reason, I have put together a list of the top UX FAQs to help alleviate any questions, concerns or myths surrounding user experience.

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What is Customer Experience (CX) and Why Does It Matter?

January, 26 2021 | User Experience, Customer Experience

To understand the importance of what has become known as CX (Customer Experience), first we must briefly define some terms. UX (User Experience) was initially defined by Nielsen Norman as all aspects of the end user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products. However, over time, many experience and marketing professionals came to define UX as end-user interactions with a single product or service, with CX emerging as an umbrella term encompassing the sum total of customer experiences with all channels of the brand and their perceptions of those interactions.

Where UX is typically focused on individual touchpoints, measured by metrics judging task completion, success, abandonment and error rates, CX metrics are broader: overall experience, likelihood to recommend or use again. Regardless of which term you use, there’s increasing interest in delivering a consistent positive customer experience, regardless of which touchpoint or channel is involved, across the entire brand.

Here are three reasons providing excellent Customer Experience matters:

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12 Years of Optimizing the Customer Experience (CX)

January, 22 2021 | News, Events & News

On January 20th, 2009, CEO Ania Rodriguez created her very own UX/CX company and now, 12 years later, KLI's mission of optimizing the customer experience (CX) while making better product experiences has been going strong for over a decade now and it's in a large part thanks to our customers  and amazing team! Now, let's go back in time 12 years to see how the concept of optimizing both the user and customer experience was born and why it matters.

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UX Focused Fintech Companies are Taking Over the Banking Industry

Mobile-first Fintech companies and apps are setting a new benchmark for handling personal finances by providing a great user experience (UX).

These apps are growing more and more in popularity and new alternatives appear every month, redefining the customers' relationship with their money.  But with so many solutions on the online marketplace, which are the differentiating factors that lead users to choose fintech apps over regular banking?

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Top Customer Experience Accomplishments of 2020

January, 19 2021 | News, User Experience

While 2020 was a challenging year for our world, there are still several Key Lime CX (customer experience) accomplishments we'd like to share, because if we learned anything from last year, it's that we need to appreciate the good times when they come.

Before we dive in, when we use the term CX instead of user experience (UX), what we're referring to is the customers' holistic perception of their entire experience with your organization, not solely an interaction with a specific product/service. So, without further ado, here are six (6) CX accomplishments we'd like to celebrate at Key Lime Interactive from 2020....

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Using Statistics to Enhance a UX Research Presentation

When working on a UX Research (UXR) presentation, adding in some simple statistics can benefit a researcher’s effort in presenting his or her findings. A relevant piece of data can visualize the findings from the data collection phase, enhance the presentation experience, and make the presentation more visually memorable.

Whether a piece of data is presented as numbers in a table or a complex, animated visualization, it should assist the researcher in telling a story for a study. Below are some general principles to help decide the relevance and function of a piece of “data” within a presentation.

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Top Miami User Experience Agency

January, 12 2021 | Awards, News

In today’s world, the user experience (UX) has been modified to better serve consumers on all devices (iOs or Android phones, tablets or desktop). While various technologies continue to gain popularity, so does the expectation of an evolving user experience. More and more users are demanding to achieve more while spending less time and effort doing so. Innovative UX design is of utmost importance now more than ever.

And that’s where a user experience agency like Key Lime comes into play.

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3 Reasons the Way of Journey Maps is Ripe for Disruption

January, 07 2021 | Journey Mapping

Journey maps have been an essential part of the Human-Centered Design Toolkit for years. Many product managers, designers, and researchers can attest to the value it brings to a conversation around service design or product development. The ability to have a holistic view of the customer experience completely laid out for you, and broken down into discrete steps, pain points, and opportunities, is probably one of the greatest pieces of information you could arm yourself with when it comes to making critical product decisions in a room full of stakeholders. Another thing product managers, designers, and researchers will also tell you is that they actually don’t create journey maps all that often.

When it comes to Journey Mapping, you often hear things like: 

It takes too long.

We never have enough time.

We need to move fast.

We don’t have the money. 

And my favorite excuse: 

We already know what the journey looks like.  

--- because until you’ve mapped your customer journey with actual customers, you really don’t have the full story.

It’s time for a better way for industries to approach journey maps that makes it make business sense. People should be inclined to jump at the opportunity to get a journey map done, instead of making excuses for why they didn’t.

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User Experience Research (UXR) Case Study

December, 29 2020 | User Experience, Research Methods

I recently completed a project that required both sides to meet in the middle in order to capture all the data we needed, while also taking into consideration the User Experience Research (UXR) bandwidth and time constraints.

Sometimes, during the UX research planning phase, you realize that your initial time estimations are off and need to be adjusted in order to answer all the questions that stakeholders have or test all the features that they want to test. In an ideal world, this all would have been worked out way in advance before the study, but sometimes the circumstances change during the study itself and you have to adapt quickly. Here’s how I handled this situation.

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Inclusive UX Research

Even though 2020 has been a tough year for many of us, this pandemic has actually shaken out what is most important to us.

At Key Lime Interactive (KLI), we like to say that the diversity of lived experiences of our people are our greatest trade secret, and it’s reflected in the integrity of insights we deliver to brands around the world, and now even more-so in the UX research with the launch of our new Inclusivity Index.

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How to Enhance Your Conversion Rate Optimization with UX

December, 17 2020 | How-To, User Experience, UX Strategy

What is CRO?

CRO (Conversion rate optimization) is the process of optimizing a company’s website design, landing pages and search ads to raise the conversion rate.

The goal is to convert (or complete a desired action) for the highest possible percentage of visitors to the website. The popularity of CRO has risen in recent years as it’s a way to increase profits from sales without raising the company’s advertising costs. A user-centric way of defining CRO is the process of understanding what drives, stops, and persuades users, to provide them the best user experience (UX) possible, ultimately benefiting the conversion rate.

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Social XR Review: A 1st Look at Facebook Horizon

As Social XR (eXtended Reality) experiences continue to soar, enthusiasts speculate what will be the next leading trend. In Virtual Reality (VR), this needs to be an application that not only has great features to socialize and communicate with others but also gives users power to create these spaces themselves. Enter a new contender: Facebook Horizon.

Previously, we’ve discussed our anticipation for Facebook Horizon whilst reviewing a variety of Social XR meeting tools. After being invited to its closed beta, we’d like to dive deeper into the experience and give our feedback from a User Experience (UX) standpoint.

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