KLI's 10 Lists of 10

By Samantha Silver

DSC_0093 (2)       As the year starts coming to a close, we can't help but already begin to get excited for what next year has to offer. The start of a new year is always an exciting time because of all the new opportunities, and experiences that it has the potential to hold. However, 2019 is extra exciting for us Key Limer’s and that is because we get to celebrate the TEN year anniversary of Key Lime Interactive! That’s a whole decade of projects, clients, teamwork, laughs, challenges, learning, and growth. In 2009, Key Lime Interactive was born with the mission to bring clarity, insight and innovation to those who seek new ways to enhance the user experience. And for ten years, we have worked to accomplish that mission.

       In order to celebrate, we figured what a better way than to do borrow Mathew Berry’s idea and do our own "ten lists of ten." From awkward research stories to myths about UX research, we will be releasing our own lists of ten each of the ten weeks leading up to our tenth birthday.  So for our first list of ten, we asked our team members, both East and West Coast, what they love about Key Lime:

  1. “When the ship is burning, everybody pitches in with a bucket.”

  2. “We wear many hats meaning we are always learning new methods and domains”

  3. “So. Many. Dogs”

  4. “We study everything from motorcycles to fetal heart monitors, to designer dresses to newspapers, to headphones to cruise travel and more!”

  5. “We are fluent speaking two languages- user and client. We listen to the user and translate for the client”

  6. “We experience “Aha!” moments with users and work to engineer the same for our clients”

  7. “We have the best team ever”

  8. “We value and respect our relationships with clients”

  9. “KLI is diverse and multicultural”

  10. “We are always looking to help each other grow and shine!”

Check back in next week for the second installment of our 10 lists of 10!


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