Mobile Words of Wisdom

Last month we attended the Mobile Marketing Summit in NYC. Speakers included folks from GE Healthcare, Citibank, InterContinental Hotels, Gilt Groupe and others. We walked away with new insight on how companies are shaping and preparing their mobile solutions.

It’s important for our research team to consider the business stakeholder perspective as we offer opportunities to improve tested solutions. We’ve highlighted a few points from the summit that the team is keeping in mind along with key concepts for moving solutions to the next level.
Mobile Words of Wisdom:

  • Time Spent” has historically been a KPI of engagement with a product. In mobile, this is not exactly the best metric. You’re really looking to create excellent experience in 1-2 minutes, even 30 seconds. We want users to spend their “snack size” or “snackable” found time to use our product and go on their way.
    – Sol Masch, Director of Mobile Sales & Strategy, Time Inc.

“Thirty second snacks.” Nice summation, we agree.

  • 73% of Shoppers prefer their phone over a real live sales associate.
    – Martin Lange, Executive Marketing Director of Digital Strategy and Global Head of Mobile at Ogilvy & Mather

SEVENTY-THREE PERCENT! We believe it. In fact, we've confirmed this estimate in our research.

  • B2B Mobile Engagement has so many creative outlets these days and General Electric is capitalizing on this with Instagram and even better with Vine and their #6secondscience and #gravityday campaigns.
    – Linda Boff, Executive Director of Global Brand Marketing at GE

The #gravityday vine can be seen here: Gravity Day in action. We love this.

  • The Holiday season is proven to be the most expensive season to win a LOYAL user. Folks are willing to try out new apps during the holiday season, but those engagements are shorter. Historical data shows that device releases create a better opportunity to acquire mobile app users. “October may be a good month for you.”
    - Christian Galvin, US Director of Mobile Apps at Fiksu
  • “Wouldn’t we all LOVE to deliver an experience that grosses the whole digital ecosystem!?” Example: You begin a transaction on your mobile phone as you wait for the subway, something distracts you and you don’t complete it, but later when you login on your iPad at home the status of that transaction is exactly where you left it.
    – Melissa Stevens, Head of Internet and Mobile, Citi Consumer Banking

Melissa isn't alone. This concept can be applied to retail, entertainment, recipe searches, etc.

Have anything to add? What else can we consider important notes, goals or concepts to keep in mind as we move forward in the development and improvement of mobile interfaces? Share your thoughts with your team. We'd love to hear.

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