Are You Prepared For The Largest Shopping Holiday?

When you think of the month of November what comes to mind? Yellow and orange leaves falling from trees; an abundance of turkey and mashed potatoes; and, of course, the most popular shopping day of the year. The retail industry spends all year gearing up for this major day of shopping festivities, but it doesn’t stop at just Black Friday. Cyber Monday has become a trendy retail holiday, allowing shoppers a quick and easy shopping experience without having to wrestle the crowds of people to get your hands on that TV you have been waiting for all year.

How can retailers improve the shopping experience for their customers?

An easy and seamless experience is a good place to start. A good experience will encourage return visits. Specifically, give customers a reason to avoid dealing with traffic and long lines and provide a solid incentive for shopping via the web vs a crowded retail location.

Our research team found a great online tool from Saks Fifth Avenue that gives the customer accurate sizing when ordering online. One of the biggest challenges of online shopping is correct sizing. How can retailers overcome this issue? Customers do not have the opportunity to try the clothes on before committing to the purchase. A good return policy is a good place to start. Be sure to allow for easy return shipments or the ability to return to the store. In our example, the Saks Fifth Avenue tool takes this issue one step further with their ‘fit predictor’ functionality. The tool allows customers to plug in their size based on experience with other brands. It will then predict your size for the current brand under consideration. This tool takes out the guesswork essentially lowering the likelihood of return.

Deals, coupons and sales. However you want to word it, it's one of the main reasons people shop during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Customers want to know they are saving money. Allowing customers to instantly see the money they are saving and knowing they can’t get a better deal somewhere else can solidify the convenience of online shopping. Let your customers know that by purchasing online, they will be guaranteed the best deal.

So, is your website optimized to cater towards those Black Friday/Cyber Monday shoppers? Do you have a usable mobile site for on-the-go customers? Key Lime Interactive has proven to give knowledgable insights towards the customer journey to ensure user satisfaction. Find the right solutions to keep your customers happy and obtain to their needs. The shopping season goes beyond just the end of November, which can really just be considered the kick-off. Don't forget, December is just around the corner and is loaded with gift exchanges and Secret Santas. Keep your customers coming back for more!

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