10 Tabs We Always Have Open

By Samantha Silver

app-apple-business-38568     But how we will chooooose?? We always have 30+ tabs open!”- Mindy Eng, UX Researcher      

        As mentioned last week, in order to celebrate our ten year anniversary of Key Lime Interactive, we will be doing our own version of Matthew Berry’s 10 lists of 10. For this list of 10, our inspiration comes from our computers. As UXer’s (and the majority of people today), we are heavily reliant on our computers for our work, and even our own personal life. Spending a lot of time on the computer doing lots of different tasks often times results in having a myriad of tabs open. For this week, we decided to try and narrow down it down to the top ten tabs that we always have open on our computers while we work.

The top ten tabs we  always have open are:

  1. “Email”

  2. “Time Tracking”

  3. “Google Calendar”

  4. “Google Search Engine for quick lookups”

  5. “Google Hangouts for collaborating with team members and clients across the US”

  6. “At least 3 different UXR Reports”

  7. “Noun Project”

  8. “News (CNN, NYTimes, etc.)”

  9. “UX blogs (too many to list!)”

  10. “Google Drive Add-Ons such as Google Slides for whatever presentation we’re working on, Google Docs for whatever presentation we’re working on, and Google Sheets for quantitative research and analysis.”

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