10 Items You Will Find on a Researcher's Desk

By Samantha Silver

 blank-business-composition-373076     The life of a UX researcher means a great deal of time spent at your desk. Whether it be analyzing data spreadsheets, writing up reports, or conducting tests, a researcher’s desk is the space where all the magic happens. Since so much time is spent there, it quickly becomes a home away from home for many, as well as a site that somehow seems to accumulate so much stuff.  

     So, we asked our teams both on both coasts what some of the things on their desk were and compiled a list of the ten items you will most likely find at a researcher’s desk.

10 items you will find on a researcher’s desk

1. 10 different sticky notes
        Sometimes even a sticky note reminding us to drink water!

2. Coffee
        If you are in the Miami office, expect un cafecito at 2 pm on the dot!

3. Pens, Workshop Markers and Highlighters
       How else would we write on all those sticky notes?

4. Extra testing laptop

5. UX books

6. Business cards

7. Clipboard

8. Fidget toy, spinner, or bobble-head

9. Half-eaten bag of chips
      Or other snacks! Or sometimes our lunch!

10. Adapter cables.
         And also just cables in general.

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