PRESS RELEASE: GEICO Named Best Mobile Auto Insurance Solution Again; Key Lime Interactive Reports Industry Trends and Innovations

GEICO Named Best Mobile Auto Insurance Solution Again; Key Lime Interactive Reports


GEICO Named Best Mobile Auto Insurance Solution Again; Key Lime Interactive Reports Industry Trends and Innovations

In the June 30, 2016 release of Key Lime Interactive’s (KLI) bi-annual Mobile Auto Insurance Competitive Index report, GEICO ranks highest among eight of the larger auto insurance companies in the US in the categories of mobile site, iPhone, and Android app. In the past 3 years of publication of this report, GEICO has consistently been reported to be one of the 3 top performers.

Miami, FL --“Late in the spring of 2015, GEICO rolled out a major app update and took the lead.” shares Dana Bishop, Director of Quantitative Research and report co-author at KLI. “Not only does GEICO hold onto the lead in our latest report, but they widen the gap between themselves and #2 USAA.”

The scoring is determined by combining a capabilities assessment with user feature importance ratings. The capabilities assessment is created by examining the feature coverage of the insurers’ mobile sites and applications. User ratings are determined by a consumer survey and card sort. Then, KLI’s research team aligns what consumers value the most in their mobile auto insurance offering with their scoring system. Scores in categories that consumers consider the most important are more heavily weighted than those in categories deemed less important. As a result, companies that are providing customers what they desire most receive the highest scores.

“GEICO has a few key capabilities and features that none of their competitors have.” states Philip McGuinness, contributing researcher. “For instance, they are the only mobile site and app we reviewed that allows users to start capturing accident details without logging in. Their mobile app is the only one with in-app messaging. These types of customer-centric capabilities are what has kept GEICO at the top of our rankings for the past year.”

Growing Industry Trends

In each publication, KLI reports on recent trends and innovations in the industry.

In this report they highlight how three insurers have implemented new “quick access” options for mobile customers. Theses “quick access” options are on either the home or login screen and allow customers the convenience of quick and easy access to important information, key features for managing their policy, starting a claim, contacting the company, and more.

The ability to log in securely to their insurance company’s app or site continues to be consumers #1 most important capability for mobile. So, these types of enhancements are noteworthy. This report includes recent secure login enhancements from three insurance companies including two-factor authentication and Android fingerprint login.

New in this installment

After four years of publishing their Mobile Auto Insurance Competitive Index Report, KLI thought it appropriate to pause and reflect back on some of the most notable changes and trends they’ve observed. In a special report section called, A Look Back, they illustrate the impact of major releases and other significant changes in mobile offerings over the years; as well as a few noteworthy changes in consumer needs over the past 17 publications.

About the Reports

KLI has been publishing competitive index and benchmark reports since 2011 and include competitive assessment of mobile solutions in industries including auto insurance, banking, credit cards, home insurance, cruise, hotel reservations, fast food, and more.

In this Mobile Auto Insurance Index Report KLI research team evaluated and scored the mobile sites, iPhone and Android phone apps of all eight competitors including Allstate, Esurance, GEICO, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Progressive, State Farm, and USAA. Each mobile property assessment was completed as of June 1, 2016.

Key Lime Interactive’s research team believes that companies who make innovation a strategic priority, and who are dedicated to investing in meeting consumer needs by delivering a best-in-class mobile experience, will gain market share. A report section, sold as part of the full report or separately, titled “Trends & Innovations” is dedicated to taking a glimpse into the future; it highlights current trends, evolving consumer needs and preferences, and predicts the most noteworthy elements to consider when endeavoring to provide a wholesome and successful user experience in the coming months and years.

To purchase the published report, please reach out to Key Lime Interactive for more information at

Researchers, Designers, Executives, Journalists and Bloggers in the Insurance and Finance Industries are encouraged to contact Key Lime Interactive with any additional questions.

About Key Lime Interactive

KLI is a user experience research firm with proven excellence in both quantitative and qualitative user and consumer testing. To serve our growing client list of Fortune 100 companies, we conduct competitive research, true intent / voice of customer studies, and prototype studies using quantitative methods. Additionally, we're experienced in moderating one-on-one interviews/ usability studies, focus groups, and eye-tracking studies for both the traditional and mobile web. Ultimately, our goal is to empower teams to use consumer/user experience data at any and all phases of product development; from strategy to implementation. We aim to provide the true perspective of target users and build exceptional consumer-driven solutions. 

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