10 Cities We've Done Research In

By Samantha Silver

One of the exciting things about being a UX researcher is the ability to travel to new locations in order to do complete a research project. Being able to do projects in places all around the world allows us to not only make great international connections but also allows us as researchers to learn more about other cultures and users. Since Key Lime Interactive is coming up on its tenth birthday, our team of researchers has been able to travel to a ton of places, completing exciting and innovative projects at each location. So for this list, we have narrowed down ten cities we have conducted research over the last ten years.

Here are 10 of the cities KLI has conducted research in:

  1. Mexico City, Mexico

  2. Paris, France

  3. Sydney, Australia
    “Had an opportunity to do some cutting-edge research in the field.  Then walked the Sydney Bridge and toured the opera house. One of the most rewarding trips I have ever gone on.”

4. New Delhi, India

5. Beijing, China

6. Singapore
“This was my first exposure to the custom of harvesting palm oil.  Instead of cutting trees, local farmers burn hundreds of acres at a time and collect the oil from the trees.  Everyone is essentially sheltered in-doors for several weeks as the smoke builds up and the days are perpetually grey.”

7. Warsaw, Poland

8. Bogota, Colombia
“Great research partners and participants. Enjoyed getting to know the Zona Rosa and the Candelaria neighborhoods of Bogota.”

9. Berlin, Germany

10. Miami, Florida
“From delicious food to stunning beaches, we love the opportunity to be able to show clients around our town and Key Lime’s home base!”

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