10 Myths About UX

December, 23 2018 |

    Since all kinds of information can be disseminated throughout the web so quickly, we live in a world of myths. There are myths surrounding almost every aspect of our lives, from the kinds of foods we should eat this week to the kinds of things people do at their jobs. The UX industry is something that has many myths surrounding it since it is still a term that people are learning about. And while we also live in a world of myths, we also live in a world of myth busting.

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Mobile Games Post-Match Statistics & UX

       In September, Key Lime Interactive presented a user testing study (N=12) on the post-match statistics screen of PUBG mobile at the Games UX Summit in Vancouver, hosted by EA. During our presentation, we provided design considerations and opportunities for improvement for the post-match screen, drawing best practices from other games from mobile and PC platforms. For example, comparing to PUBG mobile, Warships Blitz (iOS, Android) provides a more detailed and accessible post-match screen, organized so that it serves players of different types.

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KLI's 2019 Report Release Schedule

December, 18 2018 | Events & News

Every 6 months the Key Lime team releases competitive reports in various industries. These reports level set top players and identify the many included features a given mobile app or site have available, but also detail the importance how important each feature is and which are best from a usability perspective.

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Designing for Millennials vs. Baby Boomers

      As UX Researchers and Designers, we work hard to have empathy and understand all different kinds of user groups. By understanding differences between groups, we are able to design technology that caters to user’s wants and needs. Two interesting groups to consider when designing products are Millennials and Baby Boomers because of the way they use, view, and evaluate technology is very different and is crucial when designing a product.

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10 Facts About Key Limes

December, 14 2018 |

       Key Lime Interactive LLC was born in 2009 when CEO Ania Rodriguez decided to spearhead her very own UX company. Our now CFO Alex helped Ania to narrow it down to two names, Blue List and Key Lime. As we all know, Ania ultimately decided to name her company Key Lime Interactive. “Key Lime I liked better because it sounded more refreshing, and it reminded me of my home base in Florida. I felt like with the name Key Lime I could really visualize how everything was going to look- new, cool, like I said, refreshing. And then Blue List didn't sound as good in comparison”, she laughed. And just like that, Key Lime Interactive LLC took off.

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The Do's and Don'ts of Enterprise Chatbot Building

      Chatbots are an AI-controlled program that is designed to simulate human conversations by engaging in a typical chat flow. Users are able to interact with a Chatbot and receive immediate feedback through voice or text interactions with the program. Chatbots are used by many companies to quickly interact with their customers and help provide the user with information in a quick and effective manner.

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The Power of User Culture Immersion

       Let’s say you’ve created a new digital tool that allows users to find and review gluten-free restaurants and brands in one place. So far, you’ve identified your target audience; gluten-free individuals. That’s a great start! Now, what do you know about how these gluten free individuals live their lives? What makes them tick? How do they make food purchasing decisions? How would you go about finding that information?

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10 Cities We've Done Research In

December, 07 2018 |

One of the exciting things about being a UX researcher is the ability to travel to new locations in order to do complete a research project. Being able to do projects in places all around the world allows us to not only make great international connections but also allows us as researchers to learn more about other cultures and users. Since Key Lime Interactive is coming up on its tenth birthday, our team of researchers has been able to travel to a ton of places, completing exciting and innovative projects at each location. So for this list, we have narrowed down ten cities we have conducted research over the last ten years.

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Do's and Don'ts of Diary Studies

       A diary study is a research method that consists of collecting data about user activities, behaviors, and feelings over a certain time period, ranging from a few days to a month or more. During a diary study, participants will self-report their experiences and activities on a diary (or digital diary such as Dscout, Experience Fellow, Revelation or just Google Form). Participants will self report their interactions, thoughts and feelings in regards to a product or organization. Diary studies are useful to understand long-term behaviors and potentially create Customer Journey Maps through being able to document the customer's interactions with the product or an organization. 

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10 Items You Will Find on a Researcher's Desk

November, 30 2018 |

      The life of a UX researcher means a great deal of time spent at your desk. Whether it be analyzing data spreadsheets, writing up reports, or conducting tests, a researcher’s desk is the space where all the magic happens. Since so much time is spent there, it quickly becomes a home away from home for many, as well as a site that somehow seems to accumulate so much stuff.  

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