Wooden Martini Glasses

martiniLast week a gift arrived at our doorstep. Wooden martini glasses. Impressed, excited (to drink a martini from a beautiful wooden glass!), and a tad confused we opened the envelope. It read: “Happy 5th Anniversary, Key Lime Interactive. May we someday have an opportunity to send you a gift of gold.”

One of our very first customers recalled the fact that 5 years ago this month Key Lime Interactive was born and in celebration sent us a gift for our traditional “Wooden” Anniversary.
5 years. Half a decade. How it flew! We’ve seen significant growth in revenue, clients and industries served, team members, in the beautiful growing families of team members, in office space, geographical reach, in available tools, in demanded products. It’s been quite a journey and we’re still looking forward so intently that we nearly missed our own birthday!

  • Revenue: 10x what it was in 2009.
  • Clients: We once had a small list of a few Fortune 5000 folks, today we’ve worked with 56 different clients (and this doesn’t count the wonderful clients that we interact with via our agency relationships, thanks agency friends!), 40% are Fortune 500!
  • 10% of our clients have integrated us into their organization and hold retainers with KLI; we just adore our clients.
  • We’ve opened an official office in NYC, based on the demand of said client base and the KLI talent we have in the Northeast.
  • We’ve begun hiring West coast talent to cater to our clients in the bay area; that’s been working out just perfectly. We're continuing to hire - interested?
  • We joined the UXFellows and are pleased that 1/3 of our work supports global research needs.

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