Top Customer Experience Accomplishments of 2020

Top customer experience (CX) achievements from 2020

While 2020 was a challenging year for our world, there are still several Key Lime CX (customer experience) accomplishments we'd like to share, because if we learned anything from last year, it's that we need to appreciate the good times when they come.

Before we dive in, when we use the term CX instead of user experience (UX), what we're referring to is the customers' holistic perception of their entire experience with your organization, not solely an interaction with a specific product/service. So, without further ado, here are six (6) CX accomplishments we'd like to celebrate at Key Lime Interactive from 2020....

New Customer Experience Acceleration Services

UX Research-1

When the global pandemic hit, instead of halting our product plans, we went full speed ahead, knowing these customer experience acceleration services will be of great use to our customers. In Q3 and Q4 we announced the following new products and services:

  1. Competitive Insights: The first digital platform that gives you mobile UX competitive analyses across over 7 of the top brands in various verticals.
  2. Inclusivity Index: A framework to assess research biases as related to race, ageism, ableism, sexual orientation, and more for any organization to start looking more critically at the insights they gather.
  3. JourneyTrack: An on-demand platform that provides access to visuals, storyboards, and journey maps of your customer experience insights.
  4. Voice Tech UX/CX Center of Excellence:  We held  3 EmTech (Emerging Technology) Masterclasses  to engage the Voice Tech community in deeper conversations about the CX of Conversational UIs, and share several compelling articles about for researchers in this space.
  5. XR (Extended Reality) UX/CX Center of Excellence:   We built a series of services to help companies investing in VR/AR/MR build world-class experiences no matter where they are in the product development lifecycle
  6. Fast Research Centers:  Small customer experience research ecosystems that we bring to companies looking to starburst the data-driven design capabilities they have in-house.

These 2020 UX/CX highlights are all thanks to our wonderful clients and amazing team of consultants who make these great achievements possible for the world we share!

For more information regarding any of these services, don't hesitate to reach out! We look forward to continue to provide you with even more UX/CX products and services throughout  2021.

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