10 Moments from KLI's 10 Year Celebration

By Samantha Silver

unnamed-1-3        As we have mentioned before, Key Lime Interactive LLC turns 10 years old this month on January 20th. Only 4% of new businesses make it to their 10 year celebration, and we here at KLI could not be more ecstatic to be able to celebrate this wonderful accomplishment. In order to celebrate, the entire KLI team from all over the US met up at Key Lime's home base in Miami to then travel to the Florida Keys for a celebratory weekend. Aside from being able to have the entire team together, the weekend was spent doing some pretty amazing things.

     For our tenth list of ten, we decided to select our top ten moments from the KLI Florida Keys celebration. 

  1. Being able to spend time with the entire team. 
    "We have team members on both coasts and across the US, so being able to all be together was awesome." 
    "Being new to the team, and getting to know this awesome group from all over the country!"
    "The opportunity to better get to know the team and to see everyone together!"

  2. Snorkeling in the Keys.
    "Going snorkeling and seeing a shark swim beneath us!"
    "Seeing so many beautiful fish, and the sinister barracuda."

  3. Professional and Personal Bests
    When the team first met up in Miami, we went around the room sharing our personal and professional bests of 2018. "It was really touching and motivating to hear everyones stories."

  4. Van ride to and from the Keys
    "Playing car games with the whole team on the way there and back."
    "Great conversations and fun car games on the way to and from the Keys."

  5.  White Party
    "Key Lime celebratory White Party at Mangoes in Key West."
    "Conga line in Key West!"

  6. Stone-Crabbing
    "Being able to spontaneously go stone-crabbing out in the Keys."

  7. Surviving Stone-Crabbing 
    On this stone-crabbing expedition, one of our team members bravely handled several of the crabs. He unfortunately did not make it unscathed, and his highlight is "getting my thumb bit by a snow-crab!" 

  8. Key Lime Game Night
    "Mindy, Shiva, and I introducing people to boardgames where we defused bombs, drew terrible pictures, and defended the realm of Avalon against the evil forces of Mordred!"

  9.  And some friendly  competition
    "Playing board games at night. Go red team!"
    "Competitive mini-golfing."

  10. Just enjoying our time together.
    "Sitting on a beach in the Keys and relaxing with one of the most diverse, witty, thoughtful and good-hearted group of people I've had the pleasure of working with."


        Thank you all for helping us countdown to our ten year celebration. Be sure to check out the other 9 of our 10 lists of 10!

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