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Finding the Best Study Location for Your Situation

August, 27 2018 | Research Methods, UX Strategy

     Let me ask you a question. Have you ever asked yourself, "where should I connect with my users to get the feedback I need?" After deciding how to proceed, did you get the answers you were seeking? If not, perhaps where you met the user wasn’t the ideal place.

     At KLI, we help our clients identify the most ideal venue based on a number of factors: the type of questions they have, the type of data/observations they seek, the amount of time they have, and their budget.

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4 Tips When Reporting Biometric Research to the UX Community

In collaboration with Rick Damaso.

You’ve completed fielding, compiling and analyzing data, and building a report. Now it’s time to present your report to your stakeholders (e.g., folks from the UX community, marketing executives, and product development teams). While this is your opportunity to showcase your awesome work, it can also be challenging task.

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Card Sort for Information Architecture Redesign

Do you think or know that navigating your website is less than ideal for your site visitors? If so, your Information Architecture (IA) may require a revamp. One of the most widely used research methods to uncover the answer is card sorting.

What is a Card Sort?

Card sorting is a popular technique (generative method) that can help you gain insights into how your users/site visitors think about the organization of your online content; it helps you understand their mental model. This research method can be conducted in-person (offline) or using an online tool. My colleague, Andrew Schall, our Director of User Research, wrote an article on the pros/cons of these two different data collection methods and when to use them.

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How We Can Leverage Virtual Reality to Gain Better Insight

June, 07 2016 | Research Methods, UX Strategy

New waves of excitement are flooding the emerging technology industry of virtual reality (VR). Businesses of all types are discovering the influence this interactive tool is having on their user experience (UX).

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ROI of User Research

February, 05 2016 | UX Strategy


Everyone knows the value that user research can bring to product development, right? Whether you own a wine shop or work for a company with a large digital presence, it is simply smart business to understand the needs, desires, and objectives of your customers and prospects. Once you understand what makes them buy, and what satisfies them, you can incorporate this into a sound strategy to deliver the best value proposition. Ensuring that the experience you create meets, and better yet exceeds, your customers’ expectations is the holy grail. 

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A Consumer Journey: Samsung Gear Neo

A Consumer Journey: Samsung Gear Neo. The Apple Watch, released this past Spring, has caused companies to pay close attention to the quickly evolving wearable space. Consumers are looking to see if there is a tipping point for widespread adoption in the near future and they’re interested in staying ahead of it; preparing apps that are especially suited for Apple Store or Android Wear.

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Recap: Net Finance Conference 2015

After attending the NetFinance Conference in Miami this year. There were two topics in particular that I found most interesting:

  1. Digital strategies to support the Omni-channel experience
  2. Is Personal Finance Management (PFM) dead?
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ESPN Revamps Their Web Design - Data Driven or Data Informed?

For all you sports fans I'm sure you've seen and formed an opinion about the new ESPN responsive website. Most of the comments I've seen have been negative. In fact, most site visitors who have expressed their dislike for the redesigned site have done so in a very colorful way:

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