Addressing Mental Health in the Workplace

June, 22 2020 | Healthcare, Events & News

     Today more than ever, mental health is taking the front position in the conversation about well-being within companies. In a recent poll conducted by KFF, nearly half (45%) of adults in the United States reported that their mental health has been negatively affected by COVID-19. Some of the main causes of stress mentioned were the health and the economic impact of the virus. However, some alarming data regarding mental health in the workplace emerged also before COVID-19, indicating that this is not a new issue. 

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11 Tips to Develop Your User Empathy Journey Map

What is Journey Mapping?

A journey map is a visual map that tells the emotional and behavioral story of the user’s or customer's journey through different touch points. Touch points can be defined as any point of contact where the user interfaces with other people or systems. The exercise of simply identifying all of the different user touch points is often a very eye opening experience because it gives an organization a chance to walk in the user’s shoes as a group. That’s empathy!

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Healthcare: 5 UI Components That Boost Process Efficiency - Part 1

October, 19 2015 | Healthcare, How-To, Industries, User Interface

The web interface components in this article are not new, but the implication they can have on a product, organization, or service is very real. This article is meant to discuss five really simple components that make a big impact on process efficiency. The goals and suggested best practices of each component are communicated below.

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Usability Challenges with Medical Software

August, 28 2015 | Healthcare, Industries

Whether you ask patients, physicians, or administrators, they all have the same overall opinion of the healthcare system. “It's all over the place.” Your typical radiologist and primary care physician likely have complete different workflows, communication channels, and software systems to document a patient’s care and clearly don’t communicate to each other.

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Transforming Healthcare: Medical Wearables

Just as smartphones and tablets displaced the once-dominant PC, wearable technology has begun to take over the tech-scene. They have been projected to reach $4.5 billion in revenue this year and $53.2 billion in global retail revenue by 2019 (Juniper Research). These devices are popping up everywhere from smartwatches, fitness bracelets, and even smart-clothing and jewelry, but what if your wearable gadget could potentially save and/or prolong your life?

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KLI at the 2014 Symposium on Human Factors & Ergonomics in Health Care

Eye tracking provides product designers with non-intrusive behavioral data collection in order to predict and detect failures. Resulting Gaze patterns help identify Potential Environment Distraction in the medical or clinical environments as well as various cultural differences.
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Healthcare Industry Study Webinar

For a growing number of seniors in the US, finding information on Medicare Supplemental Insurance is crucial, yet difficult. Using the UserZoom remote quantitative tool, we were able to analyze the online user experience when searching for this information on the web.

Furthermore, we conducted a benchmark study to gain meaningful statistics such as ease of use, satisfaction, productivity, etc. on Kaiser Permanente, Aetna, United Healthcare, and Blue Cross / Blue Shield websites. UserZoom teamed up with Key Lime Interactive to perform this study. We will be hosting a webinar to share these results.

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