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3 Reasons the Way of Journey Maps is Ripe for Disruption

January, 07 2021 | Journey Mapping

Journey maps have been an essential part of the Human-Centered Design Toolkit for years. Many product managers, designers, and researchers can attest to the value it brings to a conversation around service design or product development. The ability to have a holistic view of the customer experience completely laid out for you, and broken down into discrete steps, pain points, and opportunities, is probably one of the greatest pieces of information you could arm yourself with when it comes to making critical product decisions in a room full of stakeholders. Another thing product managers, designers, and researchers will also tell you is that they actually don’t create journey maps all that often.

When it comes to Journey Mapping, you often hear things like: 

It takes too long.

We never have enough time.

We need to move fast.

We don’t have the money. 

And my favorite excuse: 

We already know what the journey looks like.  

--- because until you’ve mapped your customer journey with actual customers, you really don’t have the full story.

It’s time for a better way for industries to approach journey maps that makes it make business sense. People should be inclined to jump at the opportunity to get a journey map done, instead of making excuses for why they didn’t.

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Insights on Remote Work Culture + Tools

      We have been attending several panels from experts speaking about remote culture + tools in response to recent workplace transitions. Here are 5 insights we wanted to share with the greater community:

  1. Create a toolkit of useful resources.
  2. Build rituals that encourage a sense of community across generations.
  3. Don’t let mental wellness be the elephant in the room.
  4. Time to experiment with Virtual Reality.
  5. Create new rituals. Think outside the box.
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Inclusivity and UXR Part 2: Reframing How We Think About Inclusive Design

December, 27 2019 | Design, UX Strategy, Markets, Multicultural UX

 When we think of inclusive design, search results tell the industry to associate inclusive design with product accessibility and users with disabilities or other impairments, but what if this type of thinking is what is truly limiting the impact and role of inclusive design in product development?

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Interview With Jess Gamble

March, 15 2019 | News, Industries, Events & News

       Being a full-service UX research agency, Key Lime employs researchers take pride in wearing many hats. The versatility of our researchers is what allows our staff to be nimble and adaptable in tailoring our services to every client. Part of training at Key Lime includes brushing up on skills that haven’t been flexed in a while or might benefit from being strengthened.  Last week, our researcher Mindy Eng spoke withJess Gamble, a client relationship management expert, about her pro-tips as an account director working with clients around the world.

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