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Prototyping and UX Research

     In collaboration with Ryan Stratton.

     Delightful and effective user experiences don’t usually happen by chance. More often than not, they’re the result of following a methodical design process that includes research, ideation, testing, analysis, and iteration. Prototyping is a critical practice that adds value throughout the process and helps to ensure a good user experience. In this article, we review what prototyping means and why it is so important for the field of UX design and research.

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Wondering Which to Use? A Comparison of Quantitative vs. Qualitative UX Research Methods

In collaboration with Mina Rohani.       

     User experience research aims to be able to provide information that seeks to provide insight to the user, provide context for usability, and asses potential problems while creating solutions. In short, the aim of user experience research is to gather information. This information can be used to identify facts or patterns, highlight problem areas, and reach conclusions about users and the usability of a product. Research teams then are tasked with deciding which types of research methods, tools, and techniques they are going to utilize to try to obtain their information. Typically, research methods are split into two categories: qualitative and quantitative. In this article, we elaborate on the differences between the two methods, their individual uses, and benefits in user experience research.

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The Edge of Computing

February, 08 2019 | Competitive Research, Datafication, Markets

     The majority of us have probably fallen subject to those pesky notifications telling us that we have run out of our Cloud storage space. We also get the reminders that we have the option to purchase more Cloud storage space. But what happens when everyone is buying and utilizing this seemingly endless Cloud space? We begin to run out of this limited “Cloud Space”, and as a result, companies are having to realize that there isn’t much growth and opportunity left in the Cloud space for them to utilize. So what exactly does that leave us to work with? Introducing: the edge.

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Internet of Things: Is this Big Data?

      Everyday it seems as though our world,  both real and technological,  becomes more and more interconnected. One of the ways that this is accomplished is through the ever-expanding Internet of Things. The Internet of Things (or IoT) is a phrase that has gained increasing popularity, and not just within the world of UX. The Internet of Things is the ever-expanding network of devices that can connect to the internet, and as a result, interact and exchange data. Since the IoT helps to generate data and a lot of it, often times conversations surrounding IoT also have the phrase “big data” thrown in there. But are these two really the same thing?

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A Decade of User Experience

January, 21 2019 |

       Key Lime Interactive LLC is officially ten years old. On January 20th, 2009, CEO Ania Rodriguez created her very own UX company, and is now able to celebrate a decade of that company's existence. In order to be able to really appreciate and understand how far Key Lime Interactive has come in the last ten years, it is also important to be able to look at all the ways in which the UX field has changed during that time.  

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10 Moments from KLI's 10 Year Celebration

January, 15 2019 |

        As we have mentioned before, Key Lime Interactive LLC turns 10 years old this month on January 20th. Only 4% of new businesses make it to their 10 year celebration, and we here at KLI could not be more ecstatic to be able to celebrate this wonderful accomplishment. In order to celebrate, the entire KLI team from all over the US met up at Key Lime's home base in Miami to then travel to the Florida Keys for a celebratory weekend. Aside from being able to have the entire team together, the weekend was spent doing some pretty amazing things.

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10 UX Trends to Keep an Eye Out for in 2019

January, 07 2019 |

      The new year is always an exciting time, brimming with new potential and possibilities. As we begin the year of 2019, we are excited to see the ways in which the UX/UI industry will continue to develop and transform. As an industry that is always changing, regardless of whether it is a new year, it is important to stay a tune to the various changing trends that exist within the industry. We here at Key Lime are excited to see all that 2019 has to offer, and to see the ways in which the UX/UI will continue to grow and expand.

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10 Hobbies of Key Limers

December, 28 2018 |

      Hobbies are defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as "pursuits outside of ones regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation"(Source). Hobbies are things that help us destress, bring us joy and entertainment, and help promote overall quality of life. It is important, but not always easy, to make time for hobbies. Aside from being amazing UX rockstars, Key Limers also have a wide variety of hobbies.

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10 Myths About UX

December, 23 2018 |

    Since all kinds of information can be disseminated throughout the web so quickly, we live in a world of myths. There are myths surrounding almost every aspect of our lives, from the kinds of foods we should eat this week to the kinds of things people do at their jobs. The UX industry is something that has many myths surrounding it since it is still a term that people are learning about. And while we also live in a world of myths, we also live in a world of myth busting.

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10 Facts About Key Limes

December, 14 2018 |

       Key Lime Interactive LLC was born in 2009 when CEO Ania Rodriguez decided to spearhead her very own UX company. Our now CFO Alex helped Ania to narrow it down to two names, Blue List and Key Lime. As we all know, Ania ultimately decided to name her company Key Lime Interactive. “Key Lime I liked better because it sounded more refreshing, and it reminded me of my home base in Florida. I felt like with the name Key Lime I could really visualize how everything was going to look- new, cool, like I said, refreshing. And then Blue List didn't sound as good in comparison”, she laughed. And just like that, Key Lime Interactive LLC took off.

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